Thinking About Costs? 4 Tips On Buying A Condo For Affordable Living

Many factors can determine your ability to buy a property and your satisfaction with the purchase. When you think about the short-term and long-term costs of residential real estate, you may decide that you want to prioritize condos. Single-family homes have their own pros and cons. However, you may appreciate the fact that condos have more reliable homeowner expenses.

Learn about a few tips to use while shopping for a condo to enjoy affordable living.

Square Footage

Before you begin condo hunting, you may come up with a certain square footage that you deem the bare minimum. While this number might work well for your needs, you want to consider factors that can change your mind. For instance, a small condo can have a more efficient and usable layout compared to a large one that it looks and feels more spacious.

With affordability being a priority, you do not want to underestimate the ability for strategic furniture shopping and room layouts to satisfy your needs. As a result, you can maximize satisfaction with smaller condos because you can make them work, and they often cost less.


The amenities within a condo community will play a major role in your monthly HOA fees. A place that offers a wide variety of amenities usually has higher fees than a barebones community. So, you want to consider what amenities you are most likely to use and then prioritize communities with them while avoiding the ones you do not plan on using.

These amenities can include laundry rooms, fitness centers, pools, hot tubs, and dog runs.


While it may not directly relate to your condo expenses, you will find that the location you buy in will impact monthly expenses. For instance, a condo close to work, family, friends, and places you enjoy visiting allows you to use transportation options aside from driving your vehicle. Walking and biking are affordable alternatives to driving or even riding public transportation.

When you know that driving will be essential, you can at least look for condos in neighborhoods that are close to your usual destinations to minimize travel costs.


The purchase price and property taxes will play a major role in your living expenses. However, you also want to pay attention to utilities because they add up every month. Most condos include some utilities with the monthly HOA fee. A smart idea is to analyze the included utilities with each unit you are interested in to determine your total living costs before making offers.

Enjoy affordable living by buying a condo with these tips in mind.