What Should You Look For In A New Home If You Have A Large Dog?

Buying a new home means you have to consider the wants and needs of every member of your family, including your pets. This is especially the case if you have a large-breed dog that will be transitioning into the new house with the rest of your family. Too many dog owners forget to include their canine when looking for the ideal place to reside and end up with unhappy or uncomfortable circumstances in their new digs. Here is a look at some of the things you should be looking for in a new home if you have a large dog as a member of your family.

Does the property have room for your large dog to exercise?

It is a general rule with canines; The larger they are, the more room they will need to run and play so they can stay healthy. If you find a house that fits all other needs but doesn't have much interior space for your dog to run and play, make sure it has plenty room outside for your pet to exercise safely. If the home and property have neither interior or exterior room, ensure your lifestyle will permit regular trips outdoors for walks with your pooch.

Will the neighbors be okay with your large dog as their neighbor?

How close are the neighboring houses to the home you are considering? Will it be a problem for the surrounding neighbors if you have a large dog? In all truth, these can be things you may not know for sure until you move in. However, if the houses are extremely close together, it is safe to assume that a large and loud barking dog could quickly become a nuisance to the people next door. Likewise, if it appears a close neighbor has small dogs of their own, it can be problematic to have a large dog next door because large and small dogs sometimes don't get along.

Are there policies against large pets set forth by a governing HOA?

Even if a property has plenty of room and there are no really close neighbors, your dog still may be unwelcome in some areas. It is not uncommon for HOAs (Homeowners Associations) to restrict what type of animals can be kept on properties that are part of their neighborhood. Large dogs are often restricted because they can be deemed as intimidating or aggressive, noisy, and destructive. So if you are buying a home that is part of an HOA, make sure you ask if there are pet restrictions before you seal the deal.

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