Which Way To Go? Tips For Choosing The Best Rental For Your Vacation

So, you are finally getting some time away. Where do you plan to go? Equally as important is the question regarding where you are going to stay during your vacation. The right vacation rental can make any destination seem perfect, while the wrong situation can wreak havoc on your plans.

Where will you stay? Consider these rentals for your time away:

Vacation homes. A vacation home is ideal if you want all of the comforts of home while you are away. This also accommodates larger traveling parties and groups, such as those traveling for a destination wedding or a family reunion. Ask rental agents about services such as housekeeping, cooking, and childcare, if needed.

Your family may want to consider a home exchange during your vacation; be sure that your home is clean, furnished, and safe before agreeing to any arrangements. Reach out to friends in other regions about possible house-swaps in the future.

Hotels and inns. Hotels and inns are always an option, but typically these places don't include things like meals, though some may offer shuttle services for guests.

Cabins and cottages. Cabins and cottages are great when you are traveling with a crowd. Be sure to ask the homeowner or rental agent for a list of what is in the cottage, such as linens and utensils, so you know what to bring.

Campsites. Even if you don't want to sleep in a tent, camping is a fun way to spend a vacation. RV parks often offer amenities on-site that you can enjoy while you vacation in your rented camper.

Some other options to consider for family getaways include:

  • Theme parks. Staying at theme parks is great, providing easy-access to amenities for kids, but it might be a bit expensive. Staying a couple miles off-site could be a lot more economical if traveling on a budget.
  • Bed and breakfasts. These quaint lodgings are charming and typically rustic. If you are looking for a slew of amenities, a B-and-B might not be the right accommodation. However, if you want a quiet, intimate place to lay your head, a bed and breakfast can be a welcome retreat.
  • Ranches and farms. A vacation at a ranch or on a farm can be invigorating, but it is not always appropriate for all ages. Be sure to get the full low-down on the place that you are staying before you go, as some may expect a mature clientele that can help with chores or ride horses.
  • Cruise ships. The best thing about a cruise is that it is an all-inclusive vacation. There are numerous amenities to suit all ages, including shipboard programming to entertain and supervise kids while parents relax and unwind on the ship.