3 Key Features Of The Most Effective Real Estate Listing As The Seller Of An Older Home

In your own eyes, you have an older home and it is beyond time for you and your family to move on to something more modern. However, selling an old home is never an easy feat and you will be faced with the challenge of making your antiquated home look as desirable as possible to as many potential buyers as you can find. Placing your home for sale and trying to market it in house listings will mean your aging home will be listed right on the page with homes that could be more new and attractive. With a few key features in your own listing, your home could be pretty appealing in spite of its age.

Detailed and Exact Images 

As a whole, your older home may look like it really needs a lot of work and updates, but it is bound to be filled with some features that give it vintage charm. Your goal with including images for your house listing will be to find those most desirable features in the house and make sure they are clearly portrayed. For example, if the house has an awesome antique wooden stairway, include a photo that has this as the focal point or if the dining room is complemented by a retro crystal chandelier, make sure it is perfectly portrayed in an image.  

Careful Keywords and Phrases

There is a sector of home buyers that are always on the lookout for a home that is older than most, and lucky for you, this group of people is pretty large. However, in order to get your home listing noticed by this group, you need to make sure the description, title, and subheadings of your home's listing content have the appropriate keywords and phrases that are relative to older homes. Be sure to include words like: 

  • retro, rustic, and vintage
  • antique, traditional, and classic 
  • Victorian or Gothic if applicable 

Clear Cut Facts About the House

A lot of homeowners choose to pass on including certain descriptive factors in their home listing, but if you are marketing an older home, it is better to include just about everything. Don't leave off the asking price and ask people to call for more information. Include updates that have been made to the home, such as heating and cooling units or lighting, because these features will help make the home look more attractive. Home history is also an example of something left out of most listings, but with a vintage home, buyers may want to know things like when the home was built, if it is considered historical, or even a few aspects of the home's history relative to noteworthy owners.