Tips For Caring For Your Log Home's Wood Finish

When you're in the market for a new home, log homes can be some of the most luxurious and elegant. If you are planning to buy or have recently invested in one for the first time, you'll want to understand the best ways to take care of that wood. Here are a few tips to help you protect the wood so that your home looks beautiful and stays structurally sound for years to come.

Cleaning The Wood

You'll want the wood to be free of any mold, wax, dirt or pollen before you apply a protective stain. All of these things can interfere with the application of stain and prevent it from bonding with the wood grains. You can clean the wood with a pressure washer or sandblaster if necessary to ensure a clean surface.

Removing Ultraviolet Damage

When wood is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, it can cause surface damage that will ultimately lead to splinters, cracking and flaking. You'll spot the early stages of this damage by looking for any color changes in the wood. As the sun's rays damage the wood, you'll start to see the wood turn a dark yellow color. Gradually, that color will shift to gray as the damage worsens. Sand these areas to remove the damage before you apply a stain.

Choosing a Warm Day

The best stain absorption will happen when the logs are warm, so choose a day when your home will get lots of sun. Just make sure you don't work in the hottest period of the day, because the direct sun and intense heat will make the stain evaporate before it is absorbed into the wood. You can tell if the wood is ready for staining if it is warm to the touch.

Keeping Your Wood Maintained

Applying stain is the first step, but then you need to keep that finish looking its best. Once the stain has dried, apply a clear coat to seal everything. This will give you added protection against weather and sunlight. If you're not sure which one is best, a luxury and log home builder can typically help you find one.

You should also periodically evaluate the condition of the wood. A quick walk around the perimeter of the house will help you spot any potential cracking, discoloration or wear. Any area that sees extensive weathering or exposure may need to be sanded and stained again more frequently than other spaces.

Now that you understand how to take care of your investment, you'll be able to keep it looking its best and enjoy your new home. Talk with your real estate agent today about log and luxury homes for sale in your area.